The role of Consorzio 906:
Technical support

The Simwestmed project (Supporting Implementation of Maritime Spatial Planning in the Western Mediterranean Region) is intended to support the member states in implementing the “Maritime Space – Planning” directive (MSP) and to promote concrete actions in cross-border cooperation in the basin of the Western Mediterranean Sea. The project will revolve around the following aspects:
1) understanding the current and future requirements for cross-border areas in the MSP process

(including an analysis of the main maritime sectors and the marine conservation of the Pelagos Sanctuary);
2) accessing available data and identifying specific barriers to the collection of data, with a cross-border cooperation approach;
3) developing and testing collaborative approaches for the MSP implementation process;
4) identifying possible methods for the preparation of maritime space plans by the member states.


  • To support the implementation of the directive in terms of the planning of maritime space in the waters of the EU member states
  • To launch and realise cross-border cooperation in the field of MSP between the member states in the region of the western Mediterranean, involving four member states (France, Italy, Malta and Spain) and the authorities responsible for MSP in the selected area, UNEP/MAP (United Nations Environment Programme/Mediterranean Action Plan) representation and CRPM (Conference of Peripheral Maritime Regions) at regional level

Simwestmed: statistics


participating EU member states: France, Italy, Malta, Spain




months of work


million euro of EU funding

    Simwestmed: partners

    Agence Française pour la Biodiversité, CEDEX, CEREMA, CORILA, CPRM - Conference of Peripheral Maritime Regions, Instituto Español de Oceanografia, MEPA - Malta Environment and Planning Authority, Ministero delle Infrastrutture e dei Trasporti, Ministero dell’Ambiente e della Tutela del Territorio e del Mare, Shom, UNEP/MAP.


    • 1. Initial evaluation: developing an overview

      • Developing a scale analysis of the basin/initial assessment heavily oriented towards MSP

      2. Development of cross-border cooperation on MSP

      • To establish a mechanism for a permanent operational network (regional MSP platform) among member states in the area
      • Analysis of the MSP process
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    • 3. Support for implementation by the MSP member states

      • To develop and propose a conceptual methodology for cross-border MSP in the western Mediterranean with operational/methodological details on specific issues
      • Space requirements and future trends for the maritime sectors and marine conservation
      • Gathering of data and information for MSP
      • Identification of tools and methods to support the MSP process
      • Involvement of stakeholders at various levels (European, national and international)
      • Establishing case studies on specific maritime areas to test the MSP implementation approaches and methods
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    Jan 2017 - Dec 2018


    € 2.822.501 total cost
    € 2.258.343 UE funding

    Implementation of the MSP directive in 4 EU member states

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