Strategic international cooperation aimed at promoting tools and methods to provide high quality dual school-workplace training, to meet market demand and guarantee standardised training levels across Europe.

House of Brains

Launch of the HobPlatform, a virtual learning environment designed to improve graduates’ business skills with a view to optimising their abilities and knowledge to meet the real needs of businesses.

STM Validation Project

Data exchange between all stakeholders in the marine transport sector, to create a new model of digital infrastructure for the future of the logistics industry. This will be tested and validated by setting up large-scale test benches for the management of maritime traffic in the North Sea and in the Mediterranean Sea.

Creating Leaders for the Future

Analysis and sharing of European best practices on the development of new business start-up models for people with disabilities, to speed up their access to jobs and make them more employable.


Development and upgrading of the coastal motorways in the eastern Mediterranean area along the Intermodal Adriatic-Ionian corridor by promoting and developing the port infrastructure at Trieste, Ancona and Igoumenitsa and the road-rail terminals at Trieste-Fernetti and Igoumenitsa.


Launch of an e-freight system and e-delivery infrastructure in Italy, Poland and Portugal along the three TEN-T corridors (Atlantic, Mediterranean and Baltic-Adriatic) with the aim of simplifying and reducing the cost of data exchange along the logistics chain.


The design and test of ICT solutions aimed at modernising and upgrading maritime transport, with a well-trained, up-to-date workforce in order to improve equipment safety in the workplace and to increase efficiency in evacuation procedures.


Support for the launch of the MSP (Maritime Space Planning) directive through concrete forms of cross-border cooperation in the basin of the Western Mediterranean Sea, with the involvement of four member states: France, Italy, Malta and Spain.


European-level cooperation between the maritime industry, training centres and authorities in the sector in order to identify training requirements and promote the development of a long-term action plan that will contain a series of recommendations and guidelines for a pan-European roadmap, with a view to adopting a sustainable, future-proof system of maritime expertise.