A national project run by the Italian Ministry for Infrastructure and Transport

The aim of GAINN_IT is to design, define, test, validate and implement, between 2015 and 2030, a network for the storage, distribution and use of alternative fuels in line with national and European policy priorities and with the National Strategic Framework. The specific focus is on the distribution of LNG (liquefied natural gas) in the transport sector.

GAINN_IT involves more than 30 parties, including institutional bodies and industrial partners representing the whole of the logistics chain. The project has identified three sub-networks for LNG distribution: Thyrrenian-Ligurian, Adriatic-Ionian and South Italy. The main national ports and surrounding areas are the core elements of these networks.


The definition, prototyping and test phase for two of Italy’s three LNG networks (Tyrrhenian-Ligurian and Adriatic-Ionian) includes the core ports of Genoa, La Spezia, Livorno, Ravenna and Venice.


Improvements to the Coastal Motorways network in six EU member states (Spain, France, Croatia, Italy, Portugal and Slovenia) by preparing 21 engineering studies on LNG bunkering stations and new naval constructions and retrofitting.


The launch and development of the pilot phase of the LNG network during the start-up period (2017-2020) by building six CNG/LNG fuel stations in Italy along the Mediterranean and Scan-Med corridors, supported by ISO containers and a fleet of LNG-fuelled HGVs.


The construction of six new fuel stations and the of the first ship in the Mediterranean for LNG bunkering, as part of the industrial roll-out of Italy’s LNG network over the medium-and long-term (2025-2030).


Completion of the industrial roll-out of Italy’s LNG network over the medium-and long-term (2025-2030) with the construction of two multimodal terminals for LNG storage and distribution at the ports of Venice (32,000 m³) and Livorno (9000 m³).