The role of Consorzio 906:

GAINN4MID (GAINN for Mobile Infrastructure Deployment), which is funded as part of the 2017 CEF Transport Blending MAP General Call programme, is part of the industrial roll-out of Italy’s LNG network over the medium-and long-term (2025-2030).
GAINN4MID will involve only the infrastructure work and the development of mobile infrastructure across the country, coordinated by Consorzio 906 and with the participation of Stolt Nielsen Gas B.V. as the industrial promoter.


  • Development and roll-out of the first set of mature strategic works to support Italy’s LNG network for the marine and road transport sectors between 2018 and 2022
  • Development of innovative LNG solutions along the Scandinavia-Mediterranean, Baltic-Adriatic and Mediterranean corridors of the TEN-T network
  • Installation of a network of 4 roadside fuel stations supplying LNG/CNG
  • Construction of a small-scale LNG port terminal
  • Construction of an LNG bunker ship with a capacity of 7500 m³, to be used to fuel local storage plants, or to supply ships with LNG

GAINN4MID: statistics


Installation of 4 LNG/CNG roadside fuel stations


14 LNG ISO containers to be included in the supply chain


m³: the capacity of the first LNG bunker ship in the Mediterranean

> 31

million euro of investments

    GAINN4MID: partners

    Consorzio 906, Higas – Sardinian Natural Energy, Stolt-Nielsen.


    • 1. Roll-out of the land distribution network developed by Consorzio 906. This will include the construction of 4 new LNG stations in Trieste, Orte, Pomezia, Catania, Palermo and Taranto together with the supply chain (14 LNG ISO containers) and the central hub in Cagliari (through the works planned for the LNG terminal at Oristano)

      2. Construction of the first LNG bunker ship in the Mediterranean, by Stolt Nielsen. It will have a capacity of 7500 m³

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    Nov 2017 - Aug 2020


    € 31.870.000 total cost
    € 6.165.304 UE funding

    The industrial roll-out of Italy’s LNG network over the medium-and long-term (2025-2030)

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