Creating Leaders for the Future

Based on the cooperation between five organisations from four different European countries (France, Italy, Poland and Spain) the “Creating Leaders for the Future” project responds to the need to encourage access to employment for people with disabilities and to increase the employability of vulnerable groups.
The objective is to analyse and share European best practices in order to use the level of transfer of learning experiences and knowledge and to support the development of new forms of entrepreneurship among people with disabilities.


  • Encouraging full social and employment integration of people with disabilities, by providing support and assistance along the entrepreneurial pathway
  • Providing specific knowledge as necessary, to entrepreneurs in relation to start-ups or business acceleration
  • Offering full support during training and after completion of the programme
  • Increasing networking opportunities between the academic world, the job market, the public administration, NGOs and business people in order to offer new opportunities for sustainable socio-economic growth

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    Creating Leaders for the Future: partners

    Centro Liber Formación - Liberconsultores, Consorzio IES, Fundación Prevent, Fundacja Aktywizacja, Mine de Talents.


    • 1. Coordination and management

      Coordination of the project activities (supplementation, transnational meetings etc.) to optimise the overall management of the project

      2. Identification of best practices

      Identification and analysis of best practices in promoting and supporting business start-ups for people with disabilities in Europe, and analysis of the existing methodological approaches in the participating countries

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    • 3. Development of training methodology and materials

      Design of training modules on working methods, and training for start-uppers with disabilities

      4. Pilot project

      A pilot project involving the submission of innovative improvement proposals for start-uppers with disabilities (methodology and content) via focus groups in each country

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    • 5. EuroPass validation

      Validation of the training offered so that it can be recognised by other European countries

      6. Validation of intellectual output

      7. Communication and dissemination

      Dissemination of the project and its results online, through social networks and newsletters.

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    Sep 2015 - Sep 2017


    € 270.784 total cost
    € 270.784 UE funding

    The development of new forms of entrepreneurship among people with disabilities

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