The role of Consorzio 906:
Technical support

The action will help to develop and strengthen the coastal motorways in the eastern Mediterranean area, particularly the Trieste-Ancona-Igoumenitsa corridor, by promoting the development of port infrastructure at the three ports involved, of the rail-road terminal at Trieste-Fernetti and Igoumenitsa, and of the support facilities, for their further integration. This is so that the coastal motorways corridor can be fully integrated into freight transport chains, thus increasing competitiveness and trade between the EC and the south-eastern Mediterranean,
and contributing to reaching the TEN-T priorities. The Intermodal Adriatic-Ionian corridor is one of the most-used in the wider Eastern Mediterranean area and has an extensive, long-running supply of ro-ro and ro-pax services. The upgrading of port infrastructure will allow the concentration of traffic flows and will thus increase the volumes of production and the related market area by promoting modal transfer and efficient connections between the ports and the hubs in the surrounding areas.


  • To improve the connection and integration of the four corridors in the central TEN-T network (Baltic-Adriatic, Scandinavian-Mediterranean, Mediterranean and eastern-Eastern Mediterranean)
  • To promote and rationalise the coastal motorway network as a principal form of transport in a distribution chain between south-eastern, central and south-western Europe and the surrounding non-EU countries (Turkey, the Black Sea region and the Balkans)
  • To increase the flow of passenger and goods traffic
  • To improve the quality of logistics services on the supply of new storage and cargo handling services
  • To improve the organisation and management capabilities of the ports by streamlining cargo flows
  • To improve connections with the areas surrounding the three ports involved
  • To connect the Adriatic-Ionian corridor using intermodal solutions, eliminating the existing bottlenecks and facilitating integration of the supply chain

Adri-Up: statistics


core ports: Trieste, Ancona and Igoumenitsa


TEN-T corridors involved


months of work


million euro of investments, in total

    Adri-Up: partners

    Autorità di Sistema Portuale del Mare Adriatico Centrale, Autorità di Sistema Portuale del Mare Adriatico Orientale, Anek Lines, Alternative Transport, Comune di Ancona, Epirus Region, Igoumenitsa Port Authority, Interporto Marche, Interporto di Trieste – Fernetti, Kombiverkehr, Ministero delle Infrastrutture e dei Trasporti, Minoan Lines, RAM – Rete Autostrade Mediterranee, Parco Industriale di Thesprotia, Regione Marche, Superfast Ferries.


    • 1. Construction of the inter-port at Igoumenitsa (IFV)
      2. Construction of the road link between IFV and the Egnatia-Odos motorway
      3. Studies to improve the rail infrastructure at the port of Ancona
      4. Technical and environmental studies for the new ro-pax terminal at the port of Ancona
      5. Functional and technical restructuring of Harbour VI at the port of Trieste
      6. Integration of the maritime connection along the TEN-T corridors of the Mediterranean and Baltic-Adriatic at the car port of Fernetti (Trieste)

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    Mar 2016 - Dec 2020


    € 22.725.000 total cost
    € 7.130.500 UE funding

    Development and upgrading of the coastal motorways in the eastern Mediterranean area

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